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At CRS Performance we offer you the personal touch, web sites are keen for you to click around their facility and encourage you to buy parts without any interaction with their sales or technical people, if they actually expertise on hand.  There are so many brands available and the quality and support offered by these brands varies drastically.

With over 30 years experience in the industry we want to understand your needs, advise on the best ways to achieve these improvements at the best value.   We will advise you on the correct way to do things and offer you solutions based on quality products with full technical back up here in UK.  If you don’t have the budget to do all the work at once we can devise a plan to achieve your aims over a given time frame to suit your budget, while not compromising safety or performance.   We will show you where you could save money and where you need to spend a little more to achieve outstanding results.

Our recommendations will be based on the your budget, needs, uses  and desires for  the future.

Road Cars

If you are looking at improving the appearance of your car the fitting of lowering springs will accomplish this, however springs alone will not improve handling substantially and a firmer ride is often experienced because of the under achieving standard shocks.  Sport shocks however improve handling, ride quality and can cope with the stiffer lowering springs.   Performance bushes, particularly on front wheel drive sports cars will improve the handling characteristics tremendously without affecting comfort. More precise tracking of the front wheels not only makes the car more responsive but can reduce tyre wear.

Chip tuning using the OBD port and Chip boxes are great ways to instantly increase the horsepower of your car without even opening a tool box (Improvements on Turbo cars are greater than normally aspirated cars). Sport exhausts give more power and a more aggressive soundtrack.

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