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Off Road Cars

Many customers think that a capable OFF road car will be a hand full on normal roads and visa versa, many “daily use” Off road vehicles can be improved to make them more comfortable on road, and much more agile off road. The correct selection of off road suspension can make the car much safer on and off road and improve comfort.

The common desire for all off road enthusiasts is to lift the car further away from the ground.  This is a mine field unless you understand the suspension on your car and know its limitations. Many manufacturers will sell you lift kits and claim huge lifts.  BUT do not explain the down side of doing this and why the manufacturers didn’t make it that high in the first place.  CRS Performance have 30 years off road experience in Southern Africa and fully understand the do’s and don’ts  of modern 4X4 Vehicles and importantly the limitations of the vehicle. We will guide you through the best ways to improve the car in all aspects without compromising Safety and comfort.

Serious off road applications can be engineered and supplied by CRS, improvements to control arm angles, steering geometry, Bump stop protection all designed to suit.

Alucab defender


Arctic Trucks Hilux 010



G wagen

Landy off road

Dakar 2010

Dakar 2010

Off road slide

Truck and trailer slide