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Koni is respected as one of the top Damper technology companies in the world. Recognition of this has seen KONI building O E M dampers for Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Lotus, and Spyker to name a few. Its extensive involvement of over 58 years in Formula 1 is a testament to their leading edge technology. KONI take great care in designing each application to optimize performance and ensure the balance between performance and comfort is reached. KONI patented damper technology FSD (frequency Selective damping) was so successful in Road applications it was reverse engineered to suit F1 and used by McLaren F1 cars. The balance between Performance and comfort is something that most shock absorber Manufacturers cannot achieve to the levels KONI do. KONI FSD technology is simply the biggest breakthrough in damper technology in recent times. Factory applications for the FSD technology have increased from Super car applications down to everyday applications like Alfa and Fiat of late.

Whether you’re Car, Race car, off road 4x4, SUV, truck, Trailer, or Bus needs dampers, KONI have the solution. Competitively priced and with a very comprehensive Warranty and back up service.

KONI has a vast range of technology for you to consider, from budget performance shock absorbers known as STR.T for the daily drive cars with a sport handling characteristic. The Yellow sport adjustable dampers that can be tuned for various uses including daily driving to track day. The Regular adjustable replacement shocks typically red in colour for discerning drivers requiring a very capable safe handling set up. The combination of the sport shocks with springs for clients who require a lowered stance to improve looks and handling. The Heavy track and Raid range of OFF road shock absorbers with legendary on and off road performance. The FSD ( Frequency selective damping ) self adjusting patented technology which senses road conditions and adjusts itself to optimize comfort. Finally the Classic damper range performance and adjustability for all the classic applications from UK Germany and the USA .

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