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Powerbrake Race Big Brake Kits  

A South African Brand based in Pretoria , Over the last 10 years Powerbrake have become a formidable brand in the Big Brake Market and their Success in Production Cars , GT cars and ultimately the Dakar have proved their capabilities.

Powerbrake have been expanding world-wide and now have offices in the USA and their European head office in Switzerland.

CRS Performance UK will represent the product here in Great Britain and is launching the New X series calliper as soon as it’s available from the Factory later in 2016.

Powerbrake objective, to design, manufacture and deliver high-performance and race brake components that offer exceptional performance and durability at a fair price. This is made possible through significant investment in state of the art CAD, FEA and CAM software as well as cutting edge 5-axis CNC production equipment that results in design and production efficiency that gets passed on to our customers and ultimately translates into competitive product pricing. When you invest in a Powerbrake upgrade product or race brake system, you are investing in engineering that has won GT Challenge Championships, Production Car Championships, and National Rally Championships and finished on the podium at the infamous Dakar Rally three times in the past four years. Our brake systems and components are not intended as a cosmetic enhancement. They are designed from the ground up to improve the braking performance of your vehicle. Compare the features, performance, durability and cost of our products to any competitive product on the world market and you will see this company philosophy shining through.

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