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What is the difference between springs and coil overs, and why are the results better with coil overs?

The difference is primarily the shock absorber, coil over kits always come with different sock absorbers and make all the difference to the ride quality.

Can the ride on a standard-height vehicle be improved?

Most definitely, the biggest improvement you can make to a standard vehicle with standard right height is to fit high-quality shock absorbers.

What is the benefit of fitting spring alone with standard shock absorbers?

The main benefit is visual improvement, lowering the ride height improves the aesthetics of the vehicle.

Why does the ride quality deteriorate after fitting springs?

Removing travel from the shock absorbers by lowering the vehicle will make the ride harsher. The shock absorber will bottom out sooner in a lowered vehicle, lowering springs are 20% stiffer than standard springs and will need a stiffer shock absorber to control it.

Do springs make the car handle better?

Vehicles feel different after being lowered with springs, this improvement is often described as ‘better handling’ however, handling is a function of the shock absorbers. If improved handling is what you want then you’ll need to buy shock absorbers. The coupling of a sport shock absorber and lowering spring gives brilliant handling and a great look to your vehicle.

Why are bigger wheels making the vehicle drive more harshly?

There are a few reasons, the first issue is increasing the unsprung weight, bigger wheels and tyres are heavier than normal and the increase in weight is controlled by the shock absorber. Often the shock absorber struggles to control the increased weight, made worse if the shock absorber is worn or old. Another issue is the smaller sidewall dimensions, the slimmer the sidewall results in more road imperfections being transmitted through to the chassis.

Do I need bigger Anti Roll Bars?

Anti Roll Bars are used in vehicle suspension systems to limit the amount of body roll when cornering, the bars drastically improve cornering stability, and the biggest improvement of this can be seen in camper/leisure vehicles with high-weight or pop-top roofs. CRS staff will advise when these are important to fit and when they aren’t.

How do I improve the towing capability of my vehicle?

Whilst correctly setting the nose weight of a towed vehicle will increase its capability, the addition of a performance shock absorber will drastically improve stability, particularly on the rear of the vehicle preventing uncontrollable bouncing.

How do bigger brakes improve braking power and efficiency?

Many customers believe that because small brakes can lock up the front wheels, there must be sufficient braking power and no need to upgrade. In reality this isn’t the case, bigger diameter brake discs and callipers hold the wheel closer to the lock-up point giving the driver more control. Another important factor is that bigger brakes consistently brake hard without overheating and suffering from fade.

How low can I run my vehicle safely?

The performance of the suspension is critical to the height of the vehicle, the lower the ride height the less travel the suspension has meaning everything needs to be stiffer to cope with imperfections in the road. Suspension with lots of travel can be comfortable and the shock absorber can be more forgiving.

Two things make a comfortable ride, suspension travel and the quality of the shock absorber.

Why does my camper sit too low at the rear?

It’s common for a camper conversion to sit lower in the rear than the front. The conversion weight causes the drop at the back and typically a full camper can sit 40mm lower in the rear. The solutions to this are varied and here at CRS Performance we have many:

  • Drop the front suspension to match the rear
  • Lift the rear to match the front and original height
  • Lower the vehicle proportionally but maintain the factory rake angles
  • Raise the entire vehicle increasing ground clearance and giving it a ‘rugged’ off-road look

Additionally, the steering is compromised as soon as the rear sits too low so we always ensure that the rake angle of the vehicle is set close to factory OEM spec.