The Art of Precision

Suspension and brake systems are two of the most safety critical components on a vehicle. Browse our services to see what we have to offer and how we can enhance your driving experience.

Transporter and Leisure Vehicles

The leisure industry has grown significantly in recent years and many modern vehicles are being adapted and modified to cater to these needs. The VW Transporter has to be the market leading base for Camper and camping adventurers, and hundreds of specialist companies are adapting these vehicles to suit individual requirements. The biggest concern when modifying any vehicle is to ensure it performs and is safe. This is where CRS Performance has excelled and become the leading suspension supplier to the transporter market by designing suspension systems that can cope with the weight of the modifications and maximise comfort and handling.

Sports Cars

Suspension is often overlooked when trying to improve the performance of our hot hatch, sports saloon, and Coupe cars. The factory suspension is often the same as non-sport models but lower than standard with average handling. The addition of sport suspension can not only improve handling but comfort as well.

Off-road Vehicles

Off-road vehicles often have subpar shock absorbers and always benefit from an aftermarket upgrade, this sometimes includes a slight lift for more ground clearance as well as industry leading performance shock absorbers.


These vehicles often benefit from improved shock absorbers making them safer and providing a more comfortable ride for the driver & passengers.

Race Cars

We have over 30 years of race car set up experience, which means we can build you a race-winning suspension for your track day and race car at all levels of motor sport and price points.